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The Story of Saving Montana

"Believe in your dreams!"

It all began when this author, John, took a riding lesson on a horse named "Montana".

Montana was a favorite of all the people at the stable and right away, John knew why.  Montana was a sweet and gentle horse and John felt a connection with him on their very first ride.

After several lessons, John was told that Montana will be brought to an auction where he will be sold by the pound, meaning this special spirit would be slaughtered, just because he had been feeling sore and not performing well.

Although John lived in a very small space in the city, he knew that whatever it took to prevent Montana from being brought to that auction, well that's what John was prepared to do.

With the help of some good friends and a determined mind, John was able to get Montana to his dream home - and eventually, John left his small home to join Montana.

Montana saved John just as much as John saved Montana.